Drifter Lyrics

Crime of a Lifetime Lyrics

Life as everybody knowsCan't be defined by the mind
You live your own way of life
Never knowing how it ends

Crime of the gods lifetime

You never expected
You'd have a destiny
Cos your life doesn't seem to be something special
Lifetimes' endless game of chess
White'n black like good'n evil
But who will win your game?

There will be something on your way
That will change your mind!
You don't see it coming,
Step after step,
Like a dark figure
Walking down a hall
Towards a certain door
There you'll find the sense in life.

Now you're wondering
Why you're too powerless to stop it,
Your whole life is a crime
Crime of the gods,
Living a lifetime
Suicide's on your mind
There's no escape
All you gotta do
Is play your fucking game till the end!