40 Karats Lyrics

Hands Up Lyrics


Hit the dance floor, drop it low with it,
Shake it left, then right, then pose with it
From the top all the way to the floor with it
If you jazzy and you know it
Put your right hand up if you on your shit
Left hand up if take that dick
Both hands up if you know you thick
And them hating ass hoes can't tell you shit, do your thang girl

Verse One

Bust it open for a playa like me. Joe Fezzy who I be
I know you heard about me, no need for introduction
The way you move that ass baby it can cause concussions
Baby girl blushing cause she grabbing on my
And she bust that thang open and rubbing her
And them other girls watching trying to learn from ya
And they hating on you they wanna grind on my
But don't worry bout them just continue what you doing
And imma keep dranking and feeling on your booty
Booty so addictive I couldn't refuse it
Meet in the hotel so I can abuse aye
And tonight it's going down
She have sex like dance go up and down
Real slow real slow go ahead and do your thang
Like to work it for that dough baby let's get it


Verse Two

I like the way she pop it and drop it pockets be gwopping off top it
She say she fuck with J.Locc cause she know them girls be watching
I rock her out her stocking I got her constantly watching
She shake that thing for a profit while I come out of my pockets
And she jazzy classy bad that's what's happening
Damn girl what happened I'm talking bout yo ass
It's a reason while it's that big it's real let me grab it
It is let me stab it you probably handle it
Cause I be going ham I be going ham
If you don't give a fuck then I don't give a damn
Don't worry bout ya man you must don't know who I am
I leave him laying down where he stand bam bam
Hold up ya'll bet not fight in this bitch
Cause I plan on staying all night in this bitch
When she bouncing tell the dj turn the beat up
So I can hit the dance flo and she can turn me up


Verse Three

Them haters can't tell her nothing shawty know that she got it
The way she moving that body it got the fellows getting rowdy
The baddest up in the party ya'll aint messing with my shawty
Look how she drop it low yeah baby getting retard
And she ride it like a harley worried bout a hater hardly
Just when you thought she done baby just getting started
Going harder than hard baby tatted and sexy
So imma take them clothes off like I'm unwrapping a presents
Do ya thang girl

Do ya thang, Do ya thang
Shawty turn the party to a strip show and tease with it
Wobble then freeze with it hands on her knees with it
She aint stunting them she talking bout letting me hit it
And she make her booty bounce to the beat clap
She wanna a real nigga so imma beat that
Like bam bam bam have fun with her
Then send her home to her man when I'm done with her