Drifter Lyrics

No Fear of the Future Lyrics

Every morning you go to workEvery day you gotta act like a slave
And the big man behind the desk grinding his hands
He's groaning about his profits, making him bigger'n bigger
He laughs at you
He uses all your force to keep his system rolling on.
He tells you all about your rights
You never ever realized
He has the power, has the money
But if you don't agree with him
You'l be back on the streets no sooner than you know.

We don't accept it anymore
We are breaking free
We say:
Fuck them all!
Hands're rising
We are strong
Fuck them all!
Show we're one union
They will fall

We fear of the future
Why should we be their slaves?
They can't prevent our rising
It's our hate that makes us strong
Hate makes us bigger'n bigger
Now, now, we are laughing at them!