Drifter Lyrics

Spiritual Diary of Oppression Lyrics

What's this stench of death?Where am I,
The air seems to be infected
I am in the dark
No, no I am captured and betrayed

Syrus, you've broken the sacred oath
You've betrayed me

You've pushed me into this hell
You've betrayed me

You've betrayed our home
and all our friends
You've betrayed me

For gold and power you became a scoundrel
You've betrayed me

What has happened
At our meeting place?

Syrus are you here?
Brother where are you?
Show yourself, it's me
What's the matter,
Who are those soldiers?
No Syrus, what have you done,
You diary traitor
You bloody traitor!

Captured in this dungeon by my equals.
Chained for the rest of my life
My suffering is not comparable
With the one of my people,
Cos I'm only one of so many

My curse upon the torturer of ourselves
Our empire will be reborn
The time of oppression won't last much longer.