C Block Lyrics

Time Is Tickin Away Lyrics

Ahaha ahaha keep it on, keep it on, keep your head ontime is tickin, time is tickin, tickin away uhhohuhoRap 1 (Red Dogg)Lettalk about time tickin away so wake on up before its gone awaycath the 411 and stay up like the sun remind yourself whats done is doneso let yesterday stay with the bygones kepp your body and souland you mind on, the right track infact you gotta stay on the real blackdont turn around and dont look back we tryin to take the positive to another levelRed Dogg diggin deep Mr.P got the shouvel Ill level with you I played in a foul picturebut now I got my mental sewel up like a stitcher I used to be a "P" try on to clock"Gs" living wild blast you before you blast me thats my lifestile andI could see it on the evening news its just another brutha shot on either streched doin timeRefrängTime is tickin away, youve gotta - live your life - day by dayhappy or sad, good or bad, life is too short youve gotta - keep your head (x2)Rap 2 (Pop)Keep your head one more time and feel the rythm, Im telling you life is too shortyou know the feeling you want to do more yourself esteem is in the wayyou better take it kid and live it day by day, but anyway Im going for mineIm still broke its no joke thay still got me hangin from ropestake time and still do the right thing and not the wrong so listen to the words of the songTickTock your seconds away from the judgement day so get your mind readytake the Evils but out way bring back we cut no slack we kick factsthe positive message on this track is exact the way we feel it in the nineteen 90schillin with red in the mix your find me rewind me and turn back my mindthinking about the hornies in the pan doing timeRefräng x 2Once again CBK on da Track to wake up your mindwho knows what tomorrow might bringviolence - distruction - who knows?cause time is slippin awayThe worlds keeps spinning around and round weve gotta keep ourselves from going downin a world full of passion, pleasure and pain the pressures get in to my brainRefräng x 2