009 Sound System Lyrics

Violate Lyrics

Is there a lie that lights your way, baby
Is there a love that keeps you safe
Is there force to feel not taste
Yeah, can it tell tell you who you hate

If you been strung a long
Maybe a way too long then

We're comin' to America
To violate all of your hatred
Isolate all of your hardest hearts
Do it all for America

We're comin' to America
To violate all your faith
And Christ parade
It's not so cool now
Do it all for America

I'll give you this much
You got a style
I bet you're real tough
You know your rights

But baby, I'm sure
You live a lie
Never waste a chance
To come out swinging

Yesterday I was walking alone on the street
Wonderin' who, wonderin' who I'd meet
Saw Jesus he was walking right next me
Told me I was, was everything I had to be

So is there song that you love to sing
Are there things that make you happy
Is there way calm you down
Or are you thinkin' too much now