Drifter Lyrics

We Can't Be Beaten Lyrics

If you wanna be in my gang
Stand up with me
We'll start a revolution
And make the streets free
We'll never weaken
We'll give it our best
Can't be defeated
We're better than the rest

Shoulder to shoulder, we're gonna stand
We're gonna fight to the very last man
Can't be defeated, don't know the word
Shoulder to shoulder, we'll fight the world
We can't be beaten
What'll we tell them boys
We can't be beaten

There comes a time when every man must fight
When he believes in justice and right
He'll take so much, 'til he takes no more
They'll hear us coming when they hear the mighty roar!

Now listen everybody out there that really cares
You got realise that you're the real power
We can rule the streets
It's just up to you and me