Audio Push Lyrics

Do It All Lyrics

Been a long time for a while
Are you ready to go now?
Kick back and kick flips
Always keeping in the midst yeah
If mama had to red and trap him with a stake ship
I take it out admissions and cracking
Keep pounding like a deep shit
And me at school like nobody fresher than my click shit
Never thought you'd have a son like this
This like the son
Hold them niggers like this
He got his son forgotten
Like ...
He's confused so he takes it out on the drums like this
Drop it, uh, pretty much I wanna be great
Down P in my glass I won't yell and tell'em my plate
I wanna be first place in the Grammy race
With a college grand and all my Grammy...
Want all my albums platinum, I want none on the shelf
And I wanna be a great dad cause I had none for myself nigger
So before I do right
Never thought I'd have this test in my life
I bet y'all I do it all tonight
Free ninja!

Been a long time for a while
Ready to go now

Just wanted to make the people clap
Like that
Like Wayne had thought at this with his song when he came back
I just wanna live out the thoughts I have
When I sit in the shower letting the water hit me
Had visiting hours, I miss Cornerbread, I miss Rowdy
I miss they'd probably tell me that they were proud
And show me who doubted you
Right when they point at you
I wanna come back 20 shoe
But I wouldn't do that
Cause I would turn out my limelight
I'm just trying to live life like I could die tomorrow
Like the sky is falling
Life is diabolic
People die for diamonds on the side of markets
Police take forever to arrive in parking
And by the time guy who copped him
Witness won't talk to a cop
What am I supposed to do?
Besides getting it on this rap shit?
But y'all talking at that rap shit
You feel like a dumbass shit
Well that's classic cause I talk
He was right in one verse
Yeah, I celebrate that tonight

Been a long time for a while
Ready to go now
Magic in the music songs in the Kia life
Feeling like Stevie Wonder what he see, I need a light
Pardon me kindly, copy cat kittles
You sneak or bite
Better make them meet they words
Wavy lives can Jesus Christ
Neon price connecting to make the classic
Classily frequently absent
Back in the classes
Back when I used to keep a quarter around my backpack
Back when we were young in high school
And me and the team was like a rat pack
I'm young Sinatra rock the gold chain like Cleopatra
Watching from the balcony
Black binoculars at the opera
Peeping the shit from aside you see a different angle
You see money behind closed doors
And that shit can change you
Ain't had the rain but used to pick us up like every weekend
...seeking deeper meaning
What's the word I heard the hood say but she'd been different
And now he's dealing princes screaming
Free my nigger ugly up until my lungs
And I'll be popping bottles to bottom
I hope this shit doesn't show since out the Callie gone fame
Tripping steak 1000 dollar plates
These fake niggers came from numbing not
Put a walk around these diamonds a dozen times
When timing is up she said she know I got it right
I'm only here till tomorrow so I guess we're gonna do it right

Been a long time for a while
Ready to go now