Obie Trice Lyrics

Dope Jobs Homeless Lyrics

Shitted in it... ran from it nigga... fuck, i done did it all

i sold dope, watched fiends crave for rock
watch 'em watchin me put the stash in my sock (yo yo)
walkie talk to niggas from the corner when the feds bout to enter
pumped up blocks, some of the winter
kerosene heaters by my feet
takin tops off just so a nigga can eat lunch meat
4 days no z's from the first to third
end of the month too excited to get sleep
i bagged up tools, aggravated while picky mother fuckers
who don't know which rock to choose (pick man)
took out of town trips 2 seconds and the son of a bitch
narcs run in talkin shit
i know about dope
i lost my man luke to the coke
pumpin over there off of desoto
any nigga who don't know about this
i hit you with the iron mike quote
that's ludicris shittin in the tub, pissin in the tub
hepatitis b inflicted in a thug (yo, i'm sick man)
i know about that shit right there

ey yo, dope, jobs, homeless did it all
ya'll niggas can't tell me shit
dope, jobs, homeless did it all
who the fuck gone tell me shit
dope, jobs, homeless

i done had jobs, black
boss man yellin at the top of his lungs about a fuckin big mac (get that burger)
you damn near fired a restaurant manager who can't manage shit
stressed out and tired
i'm talkin bout blacks
you work all week with boo
and one day your man boo just collapsed
his breakdown is caused by his bitch
who dropped the drawers for a nigga who could really floss
5.25 and make your mouth leakin on top of that shit
you get a check every other week
you work a week in the hole
it's 30 muthafuckers on payroll
you work when they WANT you to
equal opportunity? nigga, right.
suburban community check stubs always hella tight
my shit lookin like this?
i got a bitch, a baby and i need a place to piss (damn.what i'm supposed to do with this shit)
pissed off at check time cuz i was skipped
that's when Obie Trice start cockin back the shit... fuck this


i done been homeless
no place to sleep (yo)
mom's don't wanna hear it
no place to eat (come on ma)
pass out on my man's couch just for a week (yeah)
til he get fed up and kick a nigga to the street (get the fuck out of here dawg)
black out from cold
freezin my toes (damn)
snow fuckin over my boots
my tems froze (shit)
face turnin blue
cars riding by with the little children on the inside pointin at you (mommy look at that man)
been fucked over folks
and they don't want to see ya
baby momma got a new nigga with a visa
sleepin in cars.abandoned shit
while the rats eat the wires
you be plannin shit (please Lord please)
close to pneumonia
wishin for heat like
damn if only i came up in california
plottin on a lick like
stickin your mans
cause damn you know he got at least a grand in his pants
face lookin old
despite the fact you only 20 years old
stuck in the cold
snot drippin profusely (sniff sniff)
takin an alley route
so my ex-cutie won't notice me

Chorus (2x)

mother fucker i done did it all

yeah, shit is real out here
nap entertainment
fuck, nigga