8 Stops 7 Lyrics

Empty (Hidden Track) Lyrics

Give yourself up to me
I know what your thinking
And it's plain to see
That you've stopped believing

Cause I let you down
I mean't well but it changed somehow
Kept your thoughts to yourself
And when I woke up
I wished I had as well

'Cause I missed all this to be empty
Now I find, seems like I been misleading Myself
This bridge, today, I can't win
My aim is off

You made me proud
And I'm a foolish, selfish, cautious clown
For I've already spent
All my effort wasted on regrets


Falling down
I should have thought this one out
But I have lived a life of doubt
Never believing what I found
Could pull me out, pull me out, pull me out

I just need to be found

Give Yourself up to me
I know what your thinking

(chorus X2)

'Cause I'm here
And Your not.