Lamar Starzz Lyrics

Hurt Nobody Lyrics

What did I get myself into other than your love?
And though I don't belong to you,
I can't get enough!
Even though we ain't got no commitment,
Even so we've got no restriction
I go on not to see shivering
Listen, knowing out that I'm tripping
She look at me, she'll be like
With me, you gonna get right
I just look at her and I'll be like,
Wanted your love,
I thought that you are my type
So many ways to come, girl, you chose
And yeah, I know that we don't belong,
But girl, I don't see the harm
I'm giving you what you want girl, it's true!
She said just cause we can't
Don't mean that we should
See baby, I understand
But tell me if it don't feel good!