Lecrae Lyrics

Let It Whip Lyrics

Yo, aye look
5th wheel straight hangin
Rip the grain, I’m swingin
It’s Texas all on my roof boy
Ain’t no point in me changing
On 45, trunk bangin
From fair park to south acres
I hit big T’s and I hit kings
In the same day no playin
I’m whippin, I’m dippin though the great state of Texas
I used to rock the gold, talk tease with a necklace
My car wasn’t mean but I kept that thing clean
Bank shit, cut with this
Ain’t a break, shoot to scream
Oh well, I feel gotta let that trunk knock
Hear me beatin down yo block
And my car just stopped again
Mane, my gas gauge don’t work
I can’t tell how much gas I got mane

Let it whip
I let it whip
See? I let it whip
Hold up
Let it whip
Paul Wall baby
All ready

I pull up, trunk bumpin like a bad shade
Speakers blastin next july with the trunk raised
Four tires lookin fresher than a pair of J’s
Even cars right behind me in this laborate
I’m a pro, I work the wood like a carpenter
Everybody tippin down, no boxin it
Candy paint, make em take my picture off in er
Money on my phone like a telemarketer
I weaze the Llac through traffic like Malaysian hell
My fifth wheel bow down like it’s time for prayer
All speakers in the trunk, roll no spare
Paint job, 10 racks for 10 thousand stairs

Yea sir
Hey look yo car might be rusty
Your ride might be old
But that thing get you from A to B
So go and put the thing on the road
Mane you ain’t gotta be stuntin
Got a good job, a little money
Aye you don’t need no car no
You debt free and then frontin
They struggling
You pray for it, you ain’t sittin on the bustin
Got 4 wheels, I got long bills and that’s so weird, it’s 100
That’s factory, don’t play that
That’s Japanese, we gon say that
Don’t let me crack in yo roof with stacks
Well I’m cool with that so don’t lay back
Don’t need a Benz and no Maybach
No CD player, got a track
You old school, that show cool
Don’t let nobody say jack
Just ride, don’t let them kill yo vide
Yo air don’t work? Go and let them windows down
And let that thing whip