Mysonne Lyrics

Lord Knows Lyrics

Lord forgive me for I've sinned
You know my heart, you know my soul
I don't know nothing else!
So f-ck you n-ggers!
Is my song!
I'm the mouth piece, the spokesman,
I'm the extension coin
From them gangstas on the... in that prison...
Let's get pussy or dope from a prison guard
... try to sneak weed in, so he visits...
All them hustlers on the block, they get it hard
I got a... send it abroad.
I seen him pour out, liquor from my n-gger...
Cause they hit a n-gger queen, so he sent the pawns
It's a wrong world to do the right thing
I'm hot, these n-ggers is... they like spring.
I'm summer time, hundred times... every one of mine
... n-ggers don't wanna rhyme.
Watch those... n-ggers play a hundred times
Take ten of your, for n-gger take one of mine!
What I have become? I'm an animal
I can't escape, we're the 18, and I'm Hannibal.
We fools ave more tools than mechanics do
... and take shots like chemicals.
I got shooters that stay out the camera's view
Cause when they get out of here, they gonna handle you!
It's... like a... do
Momma... and said I'mma make a man of you.
Into a man I grew, no debating
N-ggers say that I ain't real, then they hating
What up... we're good in the...
Bullshit, round table, lean back, feed crops.
They can't see cause they're blinded by the f-ckery
Real recognize, real suckers see what suckers see.
I move so official, f-ck a n-gger, work for me
I don't care, I'm going nowhere, for it's stopping me.
Trusting me I won't leave...
I... so I don't need you this blame
It's church time, so I'm gonna need you to pray
I want my soul, I'm gonna need you to pay
Close attention to the tension when they mention my name
Is even... our intention is deception.
My comprehension of the lame is minimal
But even the lames should say I'm killing them!
You ain't feeling them, you're nothing but a mother f-cker
As a matter of fact, now you're dumber than a mother f-cker.
I call from the ghetto, black blocks, black top
Church bells ring on something...
And that's no punch line, no metaphor
Right here, praise their way from the predator!
Ever saw a man shouting close rage
In his head see the red...
Shawty gonna...
I was disposed as a snouty nose man
IS mommy filled her nose with cocaine?
I was numbed up so it wasn't...
Cocaine came in aluminum foil
... I know what to do, so I spoil.
When it... we go through it
When... broke the rules, we go throw it.
It's never no reason to snitch, you don't do it
The game is all f-cked up now, it's all ruined!
Can't go into the concrete
No matter how far I go, my arms is in arms reach
My... motivate n-ggers
Fake n-ggers preach love
Everybody know they hate n-ggers!
Money over everything that makes sense to you.
Not to me... I'm Leo
Cause my soul is way bigger than my ego