Mysonne Lyrics

Uncontrollable Lyrics

You n-ggas playing with fire cause I command the entire
Empire State, if he state he king he a liar
Although I admire the confidence you've acquired
But put a n-gga up against Mys', it's quiet
But thank you, now I'm inspired to put you n-ggas in graves
Ingraving your tombstone ''Lord, n-gga was brave''
You n-ggas is just waves, I am an ocean
My motion is controlling like most of the east coast and
N-gga want bread, I told him you need toastings
Sometimes negative brings positive results in
I'm melting all of you n-ggas like wax on this wax
Most of these rappers is wack and that's facts
Ask some n-ggas in the mac if they listen to y'all fiction
Painting pictures of life, that's my jurisdiction
Jewish, Christians, Baptists, Muslims
Scholars, hippies, trappers, hoodlums
I ball with any being, beliveing in authenticity
This money shit these rappers be screaming don't mean shit to me
Before you think you f-cking with me know the history
I've been the truth
Since '98, they've mentioned me
Instantly when they speaking on seeking the real lyrically
(I kill all you n-ggas) I'm speaking for real, seriously
Game tell your homie he controlling the west
But this NY shit is on me, show some respect
I know you just don't expect to be crowned in my town
After all the f-cking
Years I've been putting it down
While you was riding around hiding in your mom's minivan
I was robbing around with hammers riding for my city, fam
Before it was 50, fam, it was Mysonne lefty
Rap motherf-ckers would all love to forget me
50 grams of the Whitney, 100 pounds of the sticky
All my boys in the hood, but I ain't trying to be Ricky
I'm doughboy with a flow, boy, so you know, boy
I'm a grown ass man, you ain't playing with no boy
You ain't playing with no
Toy, I'm a ticking timebomb
Heard his shit he was spittin' and it clicked like ''it's time, son''
Yeah, this the shit that I'm on
You internet n-ggas gon' need to click in and sign on
It's where I'm gon' have n-ggas saying I'm sick and my mind gone
Fish you, n-gga, that's getting this grind on
(Talk to them Mys') I'm Biggie, Jay Z and Nas
They gon' say I'm crazy, but Biggie gave me these bars
The shit this n-ggas sayin' be okay with them frauds
They get constellation prizes, but n-ggas ain't even stars
F-ck the cars n-ggas drive
The bars I provide got n-ggas hype
Banging on them bars trapped inside
You a good kid in a mad city, I'm a bad kid in a bad city
I've been getting in n-ggas ass, ask Diddy
Pause - now I'm back up on my bullshit
Hoodie on, scully on, black wool shit
Maino murder, Pat French, Vado
All of my n-ggas, but they know just like I know
I'm certified and I am lyrically a crime
So like Jay Z said it, New York City is mine
If I named you I respect you, if I don't then forget you
I respect the n-ggas you got that protect you
Motherf-ckers must have forgot that I am special
To the streets and to the art of hip hop, I am essential
Tell whoever sent you you n-ggas is all fired
Terminated, services no longer required
The nervous shit that you lames are spitting done expired
I pray a n-gga say my name, let 'em try it
I quiet a n-gga riot, I put a n-gga on dieta
I'm an underdog, it's David against Goliath
Maybe they could deny it if I just wasn't so different
If I was spitting lame shit all the others was spitting
I do a n-gga filthy, freestyle or written
Look, I cook a n-gga in every pot in my kitchen
Put 'em outt,a commission, finally got 'em to listen
To my gospel I'm an impossible mission
I promised all my n-ggas when I got out of prison
I'll bring the city back, now the statue is risen

Are you not entertained?
Is this not why you're here?

Haha, hip hop is back
I'mma straight kill you n-ggas